LoopLab Vol.3 - More DnB Drumloops

LoopLab Vol.3 - More DnB Drumloops

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200 Drum & Bass drumloops in Acidized WAV, REX2 and Apple Loops format.

Looplab Vol.3 contains 200 Drum & Bass drum loops.
After the success of Vol.1 receiving rave reviews and a 10/10 Excellence Award from Music Tech Magazine, I thought it would be rude not to create another sample pack of banging drums.

Each loop is different from the next, no two loops are the same.

Drop a WAV, REX file or Apple Loop straight into your project and it will sync to tempo straight out of the box. No messing around!

With the REX files, you can create your own variations of the loops so you can make them fit perfectly into the groove of the track you're working on.

Contents breakdown

This sample pack consists 200 drum loops and are split into the following categories:

  • 100 Main Loops
  • 25 Fills Hats & Shuffles
  • 25 Percussion Loops
  • 18 FX'd Loops
  • 5 Double Time Loops
  • 5 Intro Elements
  • 5 FX Fills
  • 7 Half Bar Fills
  • 5 Quarter Bar Fills
  • 5 Whole Bar Fills

File Information
File types
Number of files

600 in total

  • 200 WAV
  • 200 REX
  • 200 Apple Loops
Filesize 366 MB compressed for download

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