Neurovision Vol.1 - Harmor Presets

Neurovision Vol.1 - Harmor Presets

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100 presets for Image-Line Harmor

The 'Manual' category presets are intended to have XYZ parameters assigned to create motion and variation. 'Modulated' are internally automated with additional automation from the XYZ controls.

Contents Breakdown
The 100 sounds are split into the following categories.

  • 21 Modulated
  • 37 Manual
  • 10 FX
  • 19 One Shot Bass
  • 7 Atmospheres
  • 6 Pads

Each sound has parameters assigned to the X-Y pad which allows for a more control over the sounds.

File Information
File types FL Studio Format FXP Format
Number of files

200 in total

  • 100 FST
  • 100 FXP
Filesize 195 MB - Compressed for download
Additional Information
Control Each sound has parameters assigned to the X Y & Z controls

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