LoopLab Vol.1 - DnB Drumloops

LoopLab Vol.1 - DnB Drumloops

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200 Drum & Bass drumloops in Acidized WAV, REX2 and Apple Loops format.

Here come the drums!

If you need some quality beats to beef up your tracks or you're looking for a bit of inspiration, then there is more than enough content in LoopLab Vol.1 to get your juices flowing.
Every loop is unique, there aren't numerous variations with the same drum sounds to make up the numbers, no sir! Every loop has it's own sound and vibe to suit many different styles of DnB.

Drop them directly into your tunes for instant punch or layer over your existing drum track to increase the beef!  Take advantage of the REX files and use the indivdual slices to create new beats.

Each loop works out at 11 pence (17 cents) per loop! That's value for money right there!

Contents breakdown

This sample pack consists 200 drumloops and are split into the following categories:

  • 100 Main Loops
  • 25 Fills
  • 25 Percussion Loops
  • 25 Shuffle Loops
  • 25 FX'd Loops



Music Tech Magazine - Issue 127 September 2013

Focusing on the more underground, tough and tech-sounding drum work in the drum and bass scene at the moment, the pack presents all of its content in loop form, giving you only three ways to use it: sequence the loops as they are, re-program and edit them, or sample smaller snippets from all over and layer them to create a sound of your own. The latter two make the included REX files very welcome for immediate use, slice by slice.

We began our tests with the pack trying to build a sonically richy cymbal section to act as a bed of sound to work from. The folder for hi-hat and shuffle patterns was a good place to start and there's plenty of sonic, dynamic and production-style variation from one loop to the next. The stereo field is also used to great effect - there's no flat 16 patterns here, all of the programming is nicely varied.

Next we looked for quircky percussive sounds to achieve some variation. Folders of percussion, effected loops and fills all have great content for this. The main loops folder contains kick, snare and basic hat-based rhythms. Again, no single production sound is repeated from one loop to the nexxt so there's hyper-compressed and smacky drums alongside gritty less defined break-like tones. The fills folder in particular tends to be either exotic percussion or more authentic 'real-world' drum fills using toms.

Overall, these loops sound well produced and have a great deal of variety from one loop to the next, making them a superb investment as a long-term sound source.

File Information
File types
Number of files

600 in total

  • 200 WAV
  • 200 REX
  • 200 Apple Loops
Filesize 366 MB compressed for download

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