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70 patches for Native Instruments Massive.

This soundset is styled towards Drum & Bass and covers many sounds which are popular within the genre.

The sounds are also perfect for Dubstep and other styles of electronic music.

The 70 sounds are split into the following categories.

  • Reeces
  • FX
  • Modulated
  • Macroed
  • Other
File Information
File types Massive NMSV format Massive KDS format
Number of files

140 in total

  • 70 KSD
  • 70 NMSV
Filesize 823 KB
Version Requirements
Massive Version 1.1.4 or above is required to load *.KSD format.
Version 1.3 or above is required to load *.NMSV format.
Additional Information
Macro Assignment

Tags: Drum & Bass, Reese, Neurofunk, Neuro