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Surge Vol.2 - Neuro Bass Soundset for Serum

Surge Vol.2 - Neuro Bass Soundset for Serum
Categories : Drum & Bass  ,  Serum
Price: £29.95

Surge Vol.2 for Xfer Records Serum  is a soundset featuring 80 sounds for any heavy weighted bass music. Suited for Drum & Bass, Neurohop / Glitch Hop, or any genre that requires some heavy as sh!t basses.

The soundset conatains an array of basses, synths, pads, atmospheres and FX.

The sounds are split into the following categores;
  •     25 Manual Basses
  •     25 Modulated Basses
  •     15 One Shot / Stab Basses
  •     4 Synth / Keys
  •     4 FX
  •     4 Sequences
  •     3 Pads

  • 72 Custom Wavetables
  • 7 Single Cycle Waveforms
  • 7 Noise WAVs

All 4 Macro's and Mod Wheel are assigned for each sound.
If you're familiar with my 'Automations' series for Massive, or my 'Neurovision' series for Harmor then you'll know that I like to promote end user tweakiness!


Serum MacrosThe 'Manual' sounds is where you're in control. The TWEAK ME! knob is intented to be used for automation or live tweaking purposes.



File Information
Version Requirements

Version 1.068

Latest version can be downloaded from the Xfer Records website.

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