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Dubstep Automations Vol.1

Dubstep Automations Vol.1
Categories : Dubstep  ,  Massive  ,  Synth Presets
Price: £25.99
This product has a maximum quantity of 1

Dubstep Automations - the ultimate sonic palette. Automate the best parts of a sound at the twist of a knob or draw your "wows" & "growls" into the automation editor into your sequencer of choice. Adjust LFO rate and shape on the fly.
Dubstep Automations consists of 60 sounds but when you take into consideration that each sound has all 8 of Massive Macros assigned to various parameters, this soundset is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Macro Controls

This soundset has all 8 of Massive's Macro controls assigned to the most important parameters
so that you can take full control of the sound and change it on the fly..

Contents Breakdown

The 60 sounds are split into the following categories.

  • Modulated
  • Manual
File Information
File types
Massive NMSV format Massive KDS format
Number of files
120 in Total
  • 60 KSD
  • 60 NMSV
456 KB
Version Requirements
Version 1.1.4 or above is required to load *.KSD format.
Version 1.3 is required to load *.NMSV format
Additional Information
Macro Assignment
All 8 Macros are assigned for every sound

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